Dragon Evolution

Collect, Trade, Evolve, Earn

First Dragon Breeding Metaverse. Train and Trade your Dragons. Create your own DragonFi world

About Dragon Evolution

The first GameFi metaverse - The Dragonverse awaits you!

Enter a world ruled by elemental dragons, where community members can socialize, interact, develop and earn together. Battle across the land, breed your own team of dragons and forge your way to ultimate fortune.

Infinite Methods of Earning

Collect & Trade

Collect Eggs around the Dragonverse and trade unique dragons


Breed your dragon army to fight other players. Every dragon is unique!

Gym Challenge

Be the very best and beat other players and conquer the Gym. Gyms will generate passive income for you!

Secret Dragons

Go on an adventure and search for the legendary Dragon. You will become a millionaire with just a single dragon!

Train your Dragon

Stop asking how to train your dragon, your are in charge of the training!

Win Battles And Evolve

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The Dragon Journey

From Hatching to Earning, from crypto gamers to dragon masters, every step of your’s will be packed with rewards and value!


In the beginning, dragon eggs need to be hatched. All dragon eggs have no elemental type until they are developed.

Baby Dragon

After hatching, a rarity level, with the exception of Legendary and Transcendence tier, is revealed. Rarity affects the base stats of dragons and the power of their abilities.

Evolved Dragon

Dragons can level up with XP, max their level to evolve into the next tier. Evolving dragons awakens their innermost power and permanently changes their appearance.


Breeding requires 2 dragons of the same tier, dragons who have evolved two levels can only reach the next level by breeding offspring.


Win Battles and Evolve!


Every full moon – an epic arena takes place to determine the most powerful Dragon Master in the world. Assemble the ultimate team of dragons and conquer your enemies in this turn-based battle game. Earn $DVO and $EDE tokens, and further upgrade your NFT rarity or sell them on the marketplace.


Explore the vast ancient world of Dragons and unravel the mysteries of Bloodline power. Each realm on the map contains a variety of Play-to-Earn casual games and quests players can complete to acquire $EDE and XP to upgrade their Dragons. Lets’ squad up with friends to play games and accomplish missions together, earning more APY!



2021 Q4

Evolution Zero

2022 Q1

Evolution One

2022 Q2

Evolution Two

2022 Q3

Evolution Three

2022 Q4

Evolution Four

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